Florida KidCare Insurance

Beginning at birth, all infants and children need regular health check-ups and access to medical.

Beginning at birth, all infants and children need regular health check-ups and access to medical care for any health conditions that arise. It is important that your child has a medical home – a place where your child goes to receive medical care with a health care provider who knows your child and has developed a trusted relationship of mutual responsibility with you as the parent.  Children are more likely to have access to routine medical care when they have health insurance coverage.

KidCare Coverage

Through Florida KidCare, the state of Florida offers health insurance for children from birth through age 18, even if one or both parents are working. When you apply for coverage, Florida KidCare will check what your child may qualify for based on age and family income which includes Medicaid coverage.

Some of the services Florida KidCare covers are:

  • Doctor visits
  • Check-ups and shots or vaccinations
  • Hospital visits
  • Surgery
  • Prescription medicines
  • Emergencies
  • Vision and hearing screening
  • Dental care
  • Mental health services


For Florida KidCare programs, monthly premiums or payments depend on your household’s size and income. Most families pay $15 or $20 a month. Some families have to pay more. Families who are not eligible for assistance with monthly premiums may buy Florida KidCare at the “full pay” premium rate. There is no charge if your child qualifies for Medicaid for children.

How to Apply

You can apply online or print an application at https://floridakidcare.org/. If you applied for Florida KidCare before or have questions, you can update your information by calling 1 (888) 540-KIDS.  The local Florida KidCare office in Broward County can be reached at (954) 467-8737.