Black Infant Health Practice

Community movement focused on reducing racial disparity of infant mortality.

The Black Infant Health Practice Initiative (BIHPI) is community movement that focuses on elevated rates of infant mortality in minority populations.  This is an unfunded initiative that requires volunteer participation of various entities, including educational institutions, professionals, civic organizations, the local government, and community citizens.

Community members are encouraged to become involved in this initiative by:

  • Joining the group
  • Attending planning meetings
  • Participating in a focus group
  • Making a donation to support our Annual BIHPI Projects
  • Spreading the word
  • Educating others
  • Advocating for affordable health coverage for all
  • Volunteering to become a spokesperson for this initiative

Annual Projects

The primary focus of BIHPI’s efforts is to educate and empower parents and caregivers with information to keep babies safe from the leading preventable causes of infant death in our community. The Broward Healthy Start Coalition, Inc. supports the work of the BIHPI Community Engagement Group by providing staff support to help coordinate and secure donations and outside funding for BIHPI community projects.

Shower 2 Empower

Since the inception of the Black Infant Health Practice Initiative, Broward Healthy Start Coalition has continued to organize and support community programs that educate and empower new and expecting parents about caring for themselves and their infants while highlighting infant safety. 

In 2008, our community education program Shower 2 Empower was started and has grown into an annual countywide signature event that provides education and advocacy to pregnant and parenting families.  The Shower 2 Empower also provides special sessions for fathers on fatherhood and infant bonding which are a priority concern for BIHPI.

The Shower 2 Empower events have expanded each year and now hosts an annual event conducted entirely in Creole for Haitian women and their families.

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